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98% Dust-Less Sanding compared to traditional method and machines.

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-We price match. (If it makes sense to us.)

-We are 98% dust-less.

-We  are certified.

-We warranty our work.

-We are insured.

-We have over 15 years of experience.

-We have plenty of videos and pictures of our work.

-We are honest and have many satisfied clients.

Finish Option’s

Sampson Coatings

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There are many different types of finishes available to hardwood flooring contractors.  But we at 1 Dollar Flooring will only offer you the brands we trust.  Why? because these are the brands we have used for a long time and have seen what it’s capable of and wouldn’t use anything that we don’t feel comfortable putting down on your hardwood floors and not knowing if it will last and meet your expectations.

We offer a variety of options when it comes to choosing the best finish for your floors, from entry (mid grade) level to the very good and the best finishes.  In this section of our website you can click on the options of finishes we offer, read about it and  decide what’s best for you, your budget and most of all, your hardwood floors.